Monday, 16 July 2012

Another BB Cream.....


I was given the Biotherm BB White D-Tox in my Bella Box and i was about to give it away as you all know i have lost complete hope in the BB cream but still i decided to give it a try before i send it off. Errr...well, In fact, i used it twice because i am really love it but it just didnt quite work out for me.

What the Biotherm BB White D-tox can do for your skin - Biotherm 1st dual-action transparency revealer Hydrating BB Cream. An instant, complexion-correcting action for all skin tone. The ultra-fine tinted texture enriched with mineral pigments instantly corrects dyschromia for transparency and lets skin breathes, for a unified and brightened complexion. It's oil-free, 24hours hydrating formula infuses skin with freshness and comfort all day long. Dermatologically and allergy tested, non-comedogenic.

As seen in the pic below, my left side of the face is brighten and especially the dark circle which i didnt even use concealer. Definitely a time saver since i can skip the concealer but its a shame the shade is again too light for my slightly tanned skin. This BB cream is pretty lightweight so you can slowly layer on and it doesnt leave you with streaky face. I agreed with the oil free part because my face only shined slightly after 6 hours and i didnt even use my Laura Mercier finishing powder to set it. I didnt get breakout when i removed it so this is one BB cream that i would recommend.

I would like to keep this BB Cream but i have to admit this is definitely a BB cream for people with fairer skin tone. Sigh....i hope they come out with different color tones soon. Its selling at SGD$70.

4 out of 5 for this product.

Friday, 6 July 2012

Oh Bella Bella....

I have finally received my Bella Box after a long 2 weeks wait (it was both mine and speedpost's fault). But the long wait was all worthwhile becos they upgraded the Summer June box with 8 items instead of the usual 5 items. My hands were trembling when I opened them cos receipent won't know what is inside the box until we open it. And I just love the suspense.

My hubby rolled his eyes when I told him about Bella Box cos he was thinking I must've paid a bomb for it which of cos I didn't. I paid S$15 for my June box with 8 generous size samples to test. Which is a good thing cos don't you just hate it when you rushed to buy the newest/ expensive products on the market and realised it does nothing for u. Or those miserable small satchets of their products which you have to squeeze out every single bits for 1 use which is not even good enough to see any results.

Then, Bella Box might just be your solution - No more wasting of money on full size bottles products and no more wandering moments at drugstores. Now this is something my hubby will definitely approve! Easy on his pockets and endless products for me to try and write.

Bella box has revised their pricing for July onwards at S$19.95 and hopefully they will bring us more new products so that we can try and buy with confidence.

Sunday, 1 July 2012

Silky Girl Funky Eyelights Pencil

Love love summer except the heat....cos this is the time you will feel cheery and go adventurous with colors. I love colors on my face but i dont want to go OTT and become 60's disco queen. I love the blue eyeshadow on Ginnifer Goodwin and decided to try out on myself using my Silky Girl Funky Eyelights Pencil which can be bought from Watson's and it is reasonably priced at S$8.90. Perfect price for that "i wana feel pretty and pamper myself" moment, which happens to me on a weekly basis. Lol.

It looks creamy but it dries to a matte finishing after blending it a little. It glides on easy and i dont have to drag my eye lids at all. There is some shimmer in the color and i felt my eyes brighten up when i am wearing the blue color. Pretty long lasting cos when i came home that night, the color was still there. But it can be easily clean off with any cleansing lotion but not with a facial wash alone which i tried and a tint of color was still there.

It is good for lazy days when you want to wear some color on ur eyes but dont have the luxury of wearing powder eye shadows which i find tricky to blend especially when you are in a mad rush and the colors always fall onto my eyebags area which sucks cos you are already in a mad rush and you have to clean up the mess.

5 out of 5. Value for money, i must say!! Only complaint is....there are only 5 colors to choose from.