Monday, 29 October 2012

Clio Twisturn Waterproof Turnliner

The year end is coming and alot of people would already have plans for parties!! What will your make up be like?? If lining your eyes will be your choice, please read this.  This is important as the last time i tightline my eyes using eyeshadow and i turned into a raccoon 4 hours later and my hubby didn't even have the courtesy to tell me. When i confronted him, he said i am always trying new things and he thought the raccoon eyes was the latest fad. *FUME*

So the next day, i rushed off to Watsons in search of a waterproof eye liner. But the downside with Watsons is they have alot of products for you to try but the testers are always empty or dried up. The eye liners that i wanted to try were either brutally damaged or completely dried up. I knew i had to take a chance....super thin liner, gel liner, pencil liner, liquid liner etc etc. What should i pick!! I decided to take the plunge and try out CLIO - a professional No. 1 Korean eyeliner brand! Look at those kpop gals, i cannot go wrong with an eyeliner from a country when majority of their gals are spotted with lined eyes.

You have to twist the end of the liner to activate the eyeliner but don't turn it too many times as it will results in excessive liquid oozing out. I said 2 turns at first then add 1 turn each time until u see a drop on your brush. Tissue the drop off and its ready for use. Then turn once when you need to use it each time. The liner is surprisingly easy to use and it didn't "spread" on my eyelids. Some liners will "spread" and cause uneven line. It lasted a good 6 hours and it was still "fresh" when i got home. 

What i also like about this liner is that the black is not intensively black which can look very harsh on our eyes and it has a soft shimmering effect. I got mine in Urban Black No.8. There are 8 colors to choose from. I am very clumsy with liquid liners but this one,i have absolutely no complaint. If i can do it, i believe those eyeliner experts out there will do it in record time. I read some reviews that the liner dries up pretty fast but like most liquid liners, that is a common problem.
I also tried sprinkling some water onto my eye lids and the color didn't run but it didn't survive the shower (without washing face), the color simply disappeared after i finished washing my hair. No recommended for swimming!!
4 out of 5. SGD$24.90 from Watsons. This should be able to survive our unpredictable weather and the trip to the hair saloon. Don't know why they always wet my eyelids when they wash my hair.....

Thursday, 25 October 2012

Tsubaki Damage Care Conditioner

Perfect outfit, perfect makeup but do u know a bad hair can ruin everything. I know because my hair is my worst enemy. It is fizzy, coarse and very very stiff - everything that a gal shouldn't have. If Rapunzel was real, i am sure she will go crazy seeing my lion mane. Here is a pic to prove my point. My hubby was laughing away cos he said i posted an untrue pic cos on some days its even worst!!

I wasn't diligently using a conditioner until i turned 20 year old because my galfrds went bonkers when they found out i wasn't using one on a regular basis. So they nagged, begged and convinced me the importance of a conditioner.  The purpose of a hair conditioner is to protect your hair against dryness. adds moisture, texturizes limpy hair and of cause adds shine. Who doesn't want silky bouncy hair, right?

I have used alot of drugstore conditioners but Tsubaki Damage Care conditioner is probably the ONE and ONLY conditioner i have already restocked 3 bottles because its affordable and it really does what it claims to be. It promises to smoothen out hair and leaves it tangle free. It is so good that you can feel the difference when your hair brushes against your neck. And i don't even need a separate serum to tame my hair or use a ionised hair dryer to smooth out my hair. It even makes me a little flirtatious cos i found myself touching and flipping my hair when i am alone sitting at the bus stop. It also smells good, almost like those they use in a saloon.

5 out 5 for this product. I think Watsons is retailing at SGD$18.90 but i bought mine from Chinatown for SGD$13.50.  This is one time and cost saving product.

Wednesday, 17 October 2012

Skinmiso - Pore Beauty Nose Pack

I hate my blackheads but i hate it even more when my beautician tries to remove it when i go for my facial sessions. Even after the steaming process, the blackheads doesnt seem to budge at all. The extracting process always leave me in tears...and i really meant big ones rolling down my cheeks.

Joy to my world when i was introducted to Skinmiso Pore Beauty Nose Pack in my August Bellabox. When i read about the hassle i have to go through to do a blackhead extraction, i almost wanted to give this away but i glad i didnt. You might wonder why can't i just extract it using one of those tradtional metal blackhead remover. Well...its because i always end up overdoing it and ended up with a red and peeling nose the next day. With this Skinmiso Pore Beauty Nose Pack, it makes things alot easier even though it took me 20mins + 2 mins of extraction time to complete the process but i said its worth every minute.

Skinmiso is a 3 steps blackhead removal programme. It sounded like alot of work but really the work is all about washing your face and placing the nose packs on your nose. So how hard is that right?? To get started, wash your face with tepid water with your regular cleanser.
First - Place the Step 1 nose pack on your nose and wait for 10 mins. What this mask does is to remove your blackheads but of cos its doesnt literally removes it but what it did is more like softening and loosening the blackheads. Remove mask after 10mins and exfoliate with ur blachkead extractor or just use tissue paper to push out the blackheads. I used tissue only because it is really easy to get the junk out, just give it a gentle push and POP out came the blackheads. So happy!!
Second -  Wash your nose with water and put on Step 2 mask and wait for another 10mins. This mask is to calm and tighten the pores. After 10mins remove mask and rub in the excess essence.
Third - Rub in the Pore Beauty Silky Essence and you are done.
I also noticed that my blackheads didnt come back as fast as they used to be after i use this.
4.5 out of 5 for this product. Although its time consuming but it didnt give me red nose effect the next day. SGD$27.90 for 10 times use.