Sunday, 26 August 2012

Bio-essence Birdnest Bio Energy Firm & Brighten Eye Cream SPF 15

Few months back, I found fine lines under my eye! Only on my right eye though and only one or maybe two lines at most  (oblivious self kicks in), some days the lines are not there but the some days rarely happen anyway!! Sigh, reality reality. Usually the lines doesn't bother me until i put on concealer and the concealer starts to cake into the lines which emphasized the lines further.  Worst of all - a lot of websites stated.....fine lines is the first sign of aging. I am only 35!!!!!
As we age, we lose collagen and can't replenish it fast enough to give our face back the plump look we once have. Smoking, laughing and smiling, squinting and sun exposure can all cause fine lines. I don't smoke and squint but I laugh and smile a lot and won't stop laughing just because of a few fine lines so the only thing I can manage within my mean is SUN EXPOSURE. Then I realized, I smeared my face with SPF 28++ but I have not been apply any SPF lotion to my eyes area since I started skincare routine. Hmm...20 years of neglecting my eyes! If you are one of those who applied your daily SPF face lotion on your eyes, it might have helped somehow but most of us will know that the eyes area are super delicate so it's best to use a separate eye cream with SPF because your day lotion might be too rich for your eyes thus causing milia seeds. 

So I search the Internet for some SPF eye cream - too expensive or not available in Singapore etc. I saw some were selling at SGD$70 a tube for 15ml. Gulp.....I am not sure I want to spend this much on a SPF eye cream. I rather spend it on a good night eye cream. I only want a eye cream with SPF and my sun exposure is minimal so I don't need a SPF 50 eye cream and I am not sure if it will cause breakout. After a week of searching, I found one at Watson going on promotion for SGD$26 (usual price SGD$33) with SPF15 and it's from Bio-essence.


The eye cream felt more like gel than cream and is lightly scented. The eye cream came with a funny applicator which was supposed to help you massage the cream into the eye cream which I tried on day one and it took forever to get the cream to be absorbed into my skin and I only have a 10 minute day routine and I used 2 minutes to massage the eyes and the cream was still all over the place. Messy! Good if you have spare time as I am sure the applicator will help with blood circulations thus lighten dark circles. On day 2, i squeezed a pea sized amount on my hand and used my ring finger to apply it on my eye areas which was so much better. But if you thinking of applying concealer immediately after the cream, may I suggest you wait as like any other stuff you put on your face, you have to wait a minute at least for it to set it and absorb by your skin before you proceed to put another stuff on. Rushing through will do no justice to your skincare products. The cream has a matte silky finishing and my concealer glided on easily.

I have only been using this eye cream for a week and I am not expecting miracle of having my lines removed but I will like to put a stop to more lines, at least buy some time. This cream is more of a preventive measures than cure. And I am sure a lot of ladies out there have also neglected this important routine and it can be easily incorporated into your daily routine just by replacing an eye cream with SPF. I have seen one at Shisedo with SPF 25 selling at SGD$44 after I bought my Bio-essence *sulk*. Both at 15ml but Shisedo has higher SPF.

2 out of 5 for Bio-essence eye cream with SPF15. I really need it just for the SPF protection. The firming and brightening part has yet to wow me. Maybe I should really use the funny applicator again...when i have the time.