Monday, 31 December 2012

Maybelline Pure Pact Mineral SPF 30

How much do u know about Mineral makeup and its beneifts??  Honestly, the only thing i knew about it is that it controls oil really well, in terms of the famous Laura Mercier mineral finishing powder which i am using. Mineral makeup has more benefits besides just oil controlling, no wonder the craze still stays strong.
The word 'MESSY' will come across your mind when it comes to mineral powder cos its usually in very fine loose powder but when i saw a 2 way compact cake mineral foundation from Maybelline the other day and thought i give it a try.
This mineral compact promises -  will not clog pores, hydrates the skin and contains no preservatives, fragrance thus its suitable for sensitive skin.
I like this compact because it comes with SPF30 and has a medium coverage. I didnt even apply concealer on my chin and it tamed down my redness. And i could use it all over my face and didnt feel any discomfort. And seriously couldnt even feel that i had makeup on. With the LM powder, my sides of the face tends to itch when i put it on initially.
The oil controlling part was abit disappointing because i started to shine after about 6 hours but it might have been better if i used a face primer before using it. Never skip the moisturiser thinking you dont want your face to shine as its oil controlling ability might dry out your skin, especially for people with dry skin.
Mineral makeup is good for our skin because the ingredients used are au naturel and is meant for ALL skin types. Mineral makeup can soothe irritated skin and prevent future breakouts too!!
You can read up more on mineral makeup on this website Mineral Cosmetics Make Up which i find it to be very useful.
4 out of 5 for this Maybelline mineral 2 way powder. The coverage and SPF is worth every cents and also no more messy powder flying all over the place, highly recommended to bring along for the next holiday. RRP SGD19.90.
PS:   I didnt buy the compact container cos i dont have the habit of touching up my makeup when i am out.

Wednesday, 19 December 2012

Elf Powder Brush = Flawless Skin

Hands up if you want to achieve a better looking "no make up" look by just using a brush. Toss away your stippling brush....powder puff...blending sponge!!
Ever wonder.....
  1. Why your foundation is not giving you the coverage you want? 
  2. Why are the streaks on your face?
  3. Why your flawless makeup is not giving you the effect?  
We can change all the above. How? Easy peasy....just by changing the way you apply your makeup and all it takes is a USD 3 powder brush to do that.

Just use this brush, swirl it on any kind of foundation that you are using - liquid, loose powder, cream or 2 way cake foundation. Then swirl it on your face in soft circular motion, feels kinda of pampering i must say. Repeat all over face until you are happy with the coverage. You can layer your foundation for more coverage and yet not look cakey. The result is a flawless face, very natural looking and your pores will seriously appear smaller. I avoided using this method around my eye area cos they emphasised my lines *sob*.
I thought i might waste more foundation with this method but it proved me wrong. This e.l.f brush is quite dense so the foundation stayed on the tips and once swirled, the foundation gets transferred to your skin. No mess no waste!!
I love to use it but when it comes to blending the cream foundation, extra time is needed because of its thicker texture. But hey!! Its worth everything.

Or if you feel like rewarding yourself for the hard work you have rendered in 2012, you might want to check out the Shisedo foundation brush that has very good reviews and its RRP at SGD40. I sooooo drooling over it!! *Biting nails* resisting tempation to splurge. Mr Papi Mui!! You reading this???
But please remember to really dilligently cleanse your face at the end of the day to ensure that all make up are being removed from pores to prevent clogging. I always double cleanse just to be safe.
5 out of 5. I saw selling the e.l.f powder brush at SGD8.90 (excluding shipping) or USD 3 from e.l.f website.

Monday, 17 December 2012

Loreal Infallible Eye Shadow

I didnt want to commit this act....the act of buying another item that will sit in my drawer forever...but the more i read about its reviews, i knew i had to have it *pull hair*.

It is actually a very very fine powder, contained in a pot and it feels a little damp and when you applied it on hand, it feels like cream. Hmm....u have to go and try it yourself on the texture, its a funny feel. Mine is the shade of 004 Forever Pink.

This eyeshaow looks very shimmery but once applied on the eyelids, it gave a light sheen and the color is very pigmented so a little is enough. It is also best applied with ring finger as i have tried brush and sponge applicator but both tools turned the eyeshadow into specks.

It is supposed to stay crease proof, water proof and last 24 hours but I did once applied it without my eye primer and it creased when i came home after 6 hours but i have oily lids to begin with. But it lasted a looong 12 hours when i applied eye primer to it. Even my trusty Clio eyeliner didnt even survived that long hours. And i found myself reaching for it alot for its easy blending.

5 out of 5 for this eyeshadow. RRP at SGD14.90 at Watsons.

PS: Do not throw away the black lid as it will be useful to keep the eyeshadow compact. I am sure you dont want a nasty surprise when you bring it on your next travel.

Wednesday, 5 December 2012

The Jyunka Challenge

I was invited by The Glamourous Factory to try out Jyunka, the cult brand from Japan. Jyunka is only available at some beauty salons so i was extremely excited when i was given the opportunity to try the Jyunka Challenge.
Its a pity that i didn't have the luxury to enjoy a full facial and i was worried that i will not do justice to the Jyunka challenge but my beautician Jolin assured me that i will be happy with what i see after she completes applying the 3 simple steps.
First, Jolin started off with cleansing to remove my makeup. The next step was an Epidermal Peel treatment. Oh great.....i am going to look like a red swollen pig head after this treatment. Jolin said it will only take 5 min (minimum is 3 min, max  is 5 min) for the cream to work its magic and nothing more but still i am skeptical. Jolin also highlighted to me that i will feel a wee biting sensation on my face and that is the cream doing its magic. I did feel some biting sensation but its not even uncomfortable plus my thoughts were still on the redness part *strum fingers on sides of bed*. The alarm went off after 5 minutes and she used cotton pads soaked with the epidermal lotion to neutralize the cream on my face by gently cleansing it in slow circular motion. Jolin asked me if like to have a look at my face, helluva YES! redness on my face and it felt smooth, clean and brighter.
Secondly, she proceeded to apply the Jyunka Boto Caviar which is fortified with Acacia Collagen and Sodium Hyaluronate (more powerful than HA). One of the key ingredients in Boto caviar is Acetyl Hexapeptide-8 which is an anti wrinkle substance that gives the similar effect of Botox without the use of needle. I think i am happier with this painless way.
Lastly, the Jyunka M+ fluid. The effect kicked in twenty minutes and i was in awe. My laugh lines were less visible and my skin felt taut. And this is even more bo-ing than my HA. See my before and after pictures below.

The treatment did gave me a brighter appearance but it didn't turn me a shade lighter which might mislead some after looking at the pictures. I couldn't get a very good "after" picture because the official camera man aka my hubby was enjoying his manicure session at the comfortable chair in The Glamourous Factory too.
The tautness lasted even till mid-day the next day, that's a total of 18 hours and i am still counting. I was told that the tautness can last a long 48hours.
Epidermal Peel Treatment Kit is RRP at SGD 119. This kit will stimulate the regenerative cells in your skin and you can also use it to treat those nasty blackheads. I personally love it cause it really lightened my spots on the side which really bothers me. Plus its affordable. A peel treatment done at any saloon can cost u at least a few hundred dollar each time. This peel kit should be able to let u use at least 6 times and at the comfort of your home.
Boto Caviar Serum is RRP at SGD 198 for 30ml which should lasts 7 - 8 weeks with twice daily use. With Acetyle Hexapeptide-8 being the key ingredients, you can reduce the appearance of wrinkles minus the pain from botox. And not forgetting the sodium hyaluronate which give life to our skin.
Jyunka M+ fluid is RRP at SGD 344 for 30ml which should lasts 7 - 8 weeks with twice daily use. Yes, hefty price but for a good reason. This is a few products rolled into one. It has L-ascorbic acid (vit c), lift up the face, tighten pores, lighten pigmentation and age spots. And the best part is, you can use it to reduce dark eye circles. That like a vit c, anti aging, whitening, pore tightening and dark eye circles solution - 5 products in 1. A good choice for the rush mornings.
I was jumping with joy when The Glamourous Factory announced that they will be having a special promotion for itriediwrite readers. Promotion are all valid till 31 Jan 2013.

Intensive Facial Care (approx 75 mins) + Jyunka Challenge at a special price of $38 (RRP SGD108).   Yes SGD38 ONLY and a good chance to try the Jyunka products yourselves. Valid for first time customers only.
(promo code: JC1)

Purchase M+ Fluid at a special price of SGD298 (RRP SGD344) and get Jyunka Epidermal Peel Kit worth SGD119 FREE.
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Purchase M+ Fluid, Jyunka Epidermal Peel, Boto Caviar Serum and Hyaluvital Cream at SGD615. (RRP SGD836)
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