Monday, 19 November 2012

Hyaluronic Acid

I love Hyaluronic Acid (HA). In fact, if i can get my hands on any skincare products with HA in it, i will!! Why the obsession? Well, dry skin = dull and wrinkled skin and i am trying to delay the appearance of lines as far as possible.

For those who are not familiar with HA....this is one product you should really invest your time and money in. HA can deeply moisturise dry skin and reduce the appearance of fine lines and its also known for its moisture boost ability to our skin because it will form a thin barrier film on the surface of our skin thus keeping our skin hydrated over a long period of time.

HA is colorless and fragrance free. It is a non greasy gel and because of its small molecules, the gel was quick to be absorbed into the skin thus plump up the skin. For people who don't like the sticky feeling of your moisturiser, this should be for you as you can barely feel the gel.

I am sure everyone owns a Habo Labo lotion...but that is just the first step. You can pamper your skin with more HA. The HA from Neogence is always on my re-stock list because you can easily get it from SaSa retail shop or SaSa online and 1 drop is all you need for your whole face. You can add more on areas which are drier when the 1st layer dries. Also love its clinical drip type dispenser which makes me feel like i am a MAD scientist with my secret concoction and of cos not to mention that contamination will be kept to the minimal. The Neogence HA is retailing at USD 25.50 for 20ml online. If you buy from SaSa retail shop, its slightly more expensive. I reckon about SGD40.  

I am currently using a HA (aka Hydra B5 Gel) from Cosmetic Skin Solutions (CSS) at USD 29.85 for 30ml thinking its the same thing as Neogence HA but just realised that this one has *Vit B5 in it. And having B5 is a bonus in my HA!! Hurray to a serum that not just hydrate but also heals at the same time. CSS ships to Singapore via USPS mail and did i mention that they also have an eye gel with HA in it!!

5 out of 5. With skin so is a sin not to own a HA serum.

*Vitamin B-5 (Pantothenic Acid): A safe, effective, natural vitamin and essential nutrient for wound-healing (promotes epithelialization), treatment of damaged skin, and acne. Pantothenic acid is also referred to as an anti-stress vitamin, due to its essential role in the formation of various adrenal hormones, which allow the body to adapt to and respond effectively to various types of stress.

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