Sunday, 10 June 2012

Canmake Gel Volume Top Coat and Poshe Super Fast Drying Coat

Everyone knows that I am a clumsiest person when it comes to my manicure. I can ruin it in wait or was it 1 min. Never mind, my salon done nails can never outlive 2 days without chipping the rest. So I gave up doing them at the salon cos it brings me too much heart pain to see my nails ruin and my money down the drain.

So I have been doing DIY manicure at the comfort of my own house and at the perfect timing (when Ray naps). And two products that I really have to recommend are Poshe' Super Fast Drying Top Coat which will give you touch dry nails in 1 minute and I think to truly dry 2 layers of nail polish, 5 minutes is needed else all your effort will be wasted if u try to multi task while waiting for it to dry. I know cos I have been there too many times, lol.

Day 3 of my nails
 Canmake gel polish creates a gel look finish and also it prevents my nails color from chipping. A single coat is all you need to seal those nail colors in and it can last me 3 days with chip free nails color. You can even do housework with those nails, trust me.

Both products 4 out of 5.

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