Thursday, 25 October 2012

Tsubaki Damage Care Conditioner

Perfect outfit, perfect makeup but do u know a bad hair can ruin everything. I know because my hair is my worst enemy. It is fizzy, coarse and very very stiff - everything that a gal shouldn't have. If Rapunzel was real, i am sure she will go crazy seeing my lion mane. Here is a pic to prove my point. My hubby was laughing away cos he said i posted an untrue pic cos on some days its even worst!!

I wasn't diligently using a conditioner until i turned 20 year old because my galfrds went bonkers when they found out i wasn't using one on a regular basis. So they nagged, begged and convinced me the importance of a conditioner.  The purpose of a hair conditioner is to protect your hair against dryness. adds moisture, texturizes limpy hair and of cause adds shine. Who doesn't want silky bouncy hair, right?

I have used alot of drugstore conditioners but Tsubaki Damage Care conditioner is probably the ONE and ONLY conditioner i have already restocked 3 bottles because its affordable and it really does what it claims to be. It promises to smoothen out hair and leaves it tangle free. It is so good that you can feel the difference when your hair brushes against your neck. And i don't even need a separate serum to tame my hair or use a ionised hair dryer to smooth out my hair. It even makes me a little flirtatious cos i found myself touching and flipping my hair when i am alone sitting at the bus stop. It also smells good, almost like those they use in a saloon.

5 out 5 for this product. I think Watsons is retailing at SGD$18.90 but i bought mine from Chinatown for SGD$13.50.  This is one time and cost saving product.

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