Monday, 31 December 2012

Maybelline Pure Pact Mineral SPF 30

How much do u know about Mineral makeup and its beneifts??  Honestly, the only thing i knew about it is that it controls oil really well, in terms of the famous Laura Mercier mineral finishing powder which i am using. Mineral makeup has more benefits besides just oil controlling, no wonder the craze still stays strong.
The word 'MESSY' will come across your mind when it comes to mineral powder cos its usually in very fine loose powder but when i saw a 2 way compact cake mineral foundation from Maybelline the other day and thought i give it a try.
This mineral compact promises -  will not clog pores, hydrates the skin and contains no preservatives, fragrance thus its suitable for sensitive skin.
I like this compact because it comes with SPF30 and has a medium coverage. I didnt even apply concealer on my chin and it tamed down my redness. And i could use it all over my face and didnt feel any discomfort. And seriously couldnt even feel that i had makeup on. With the LM powder, my sides of the face tends to itch when i put it on initially.
The oil controlling part was abit disappointing because i started to shine after about 6 hours but it might have been better if i used a face primer before using it. Never skip the moisturiser thinking you dont want your face to shine as its oil controlling ability might dry out your skin, especially for people with dry skin.
Mineral makeup is good for our skin because the ingredients used are au naturel and is meant for ALL skin types. Mineral makeup can soothe irritated skin and prevent future breakouts too!!
You can read up more on mineral makeup on this website Mineral Cosmetics Make Up which i find it to be very useful.
4 out of 5 for this Maybelline mineral 2 way powder. The coverage and SPF is worth every cents and also no more messy powder flying all over the place, highly recommended to bring along for the next holiday. RRP SGD19.90.
PS:   I didnt buy the compact container cos i dont have the habit of touching up my makeup when i am out.

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