Wednesday, 19 December 2012

Elf Powder Brush = Flawless Skin

Hands up if you want to achieve a better looking "no make up" look by just using a brush. Toss away your stippling brush....powder puff...blending sponge!!
Ever wonder.....
  1. Why your foundation is not giving you the coverage you want? 
  2. Why are the streaks on your face?
  3. Why your flawless makeup is not giving you the effect?  
We can change all the above. How? Easy peasy....just by changing the way you apply your makeup and all it takes is a USD 3 powder brush to do that.

Just use this brush, swirl it on any kind of foundation that you are using - liquid, loose powder, cream or 2 way cake foundation. Then swirl it on your face in soft circular motion, feels kinda of pampering i must say. Repeat all over face until you are happy with the coverage. You can layer your foundation for more coverage and yet not look cakey. The result is a flawless face, very natural looking and your pores will seriously appear smaller. I avoided using this method around my eye area cos they emphasised my lines *sob*.
I thought i might waste more foundation with this method but it proved me wrong. This e.l.f brush is quite dense so the foundation stayed on the tips and once swirled, the foundation gets transferred to your skin. No mess no waste!!
I love to use it but when it comes to blending the cream foundation, extra time is needed because of its thicker texture. But hey!! Its worth everything.

Or if you feel like rewarding yourself for the hard work you have rendered in 2012, you might want to check out the Shisedo foundation brush that has very good reviews and its RRP at SGD40. I sooooo drooling over it!! *Biting nails* resisting tempation to splurge. Mr Papi Mui!! You reading this???
But please remember to really dilligently cleanse your face at the end of the day to ensure that all make up are being removed from pores to prevent clogging. I always double cleanse just to be safe.
5 out of 5. I saw selling the e.l.f powder brush at SGD8.90 (excluding shipping) or USD 3 from e.l.f website.

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