Friday, 8 February 2013

Inglot Duraline

My trusty Maybelline gel eyeliner is something that I reached for when I want a natural lined look but few weeks ago when I took it out, it was all dried out!! I was about to toss it out when I remembered I bought a bottle of Ingot Duraline that will revive my gel eyeliner.

This Duraline was created to turn any powder eyeshadow into liquid formulation but the sales person told me It can also be used to add dampness to the dried up eye gel. Or you can also add it to your favourite mascara to get the last bit out. 

I tried it on my eyeshadow platte and the results were so so cos u really to blend it properly to get it evenly spread put. The colors were less dense than its powder form. And once the eye shawdow platte dries, it made them cakey plus i didn't clean the brush properly so there were some color transfer and it's just quite a mess.

I would definitely use it for my gel liner because a drop can last a few weeks but not on my powder eyeshadows again because it simply made a mess.

4 out of 5 for its multi purpose ability. I bought if from Kuala Lumpur for RM38 or you can buy it online. Did I mention Ingot has wonderful eyeshadows too!!

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