Tuesday, 2 July 2013

Bourjois Cream Blush....a dream to use!

When i first set my eyes on the cream blusher from Bourjois....i couldnt take my eyes off. Is it the signature round blusher pot or the 4 beautiful colors that i just couldnt make myself walk away from....*gulp* Got to have it! 

So i bought cream blush #3 rose tender home even though there was not discount on it (99% of the time i buy makeup when there is some sort of discount). See....the appearance of this blusher is enough to make me do irrational thing or was it the pregnancy?

I was worry about the blendable ability of this cream blush as some cream blusher can be tricky to blend because of its thick texture. But Bourjois cream blush feels a little oily to touch but it quickly turns into powder upon blending onto the cheeks. It is like second skin, just like what they claimed!! 

Cream blush #3 has a tiny bit of shimmer in it but is very suitable for day cos its also natural looking. I used 2 layers on my face (see right bottom pic) I would use cream blush #4 if i want a more make up look.

Cream blusher can sometimes give people the 'chinese opera' feel but this Bourjois blusher is really sheer so we can layer it on without looking streaky. I used 2 layers of #3 and still look natural *wink*. The cream blush also has a enchanting rose scent which is common in their blushers and powders but its not overpowering unless u hold it very near to your nose. 

I think this blusher is very suitable for beginnners like me. I was trying to decide between a cheek tint and a cream blusher and i am glad i bought the latter. Good to know that this cream blusher contains mango butter extracts to leave skin feeling soft and apricot extracts to enhance skin healthy glow.

Because of its compact size and cream texture, i could just throw it in my bag and not worry about the mess it might bring like powder blusher. So this is now a staple in my makeup bag along with the lip balms.

5 out of 5. Retailing at S$20.90 at Sa Sa and some selected John Little and Watsons stores.

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