Sunday, 14 July 2013

Klorane Shampoo with peony

Few months back when I couldn't restock my favourite shampoo (royal wind), i almost went insane. I have extremely sensitive oily scalp and very dry hair ends so finding a shampoo to ease both problems proved to be a huge headache. And it took me many years to find one that works but only to be discontinued just when i needed to stock up! Especially now that I am pregnant and the scalp is more oily and sensitive than before. 

I have tried Japanese brands.... that all claimed to be suitable for itchy scalp and dry hair ends but I felt it was still too rich thus causing my scalp to continue itching. As for organic shampoo, the effect alway seem short lived as I can feel my scalp itchy after few hours. Tried tea tree shampoo as well and it didn't do a single thing for me either. So desperate that i even bought a shampoo meant for - hair fall & breakage control, for flat, oily & normal hair. doesnt even make sense cos how can a shampoo served so many kinds of hair condition. I am confused just reading it...i pitied my poor sensitive scalp. Anyway, that's how desperate i was.

I don't know about you but a itchy scalp can virtually ruin my life. It gives me flakes n bumps all over my scalp and it can be extremely stressful especially in our hot humid weather.  I cannot imagine if I have to go through the ordeal during my confinement.

I think I must have tried 5 to 6 bottles of shampoo, NOPE....7 before before finally finding THE ONE and that is Klorane Shampoo with peony.  This shampoo provides relief to itchy and irritated scalp because of the key ingredient - peony. I am quite please to know that it is also silicone, paraben and sodium chloride free. I felt immediate relief on the first use and on 2nd use my flakes were reduced and itch were lessen!

I am half a bottle through now and my scalp are all happy and healthy! This shampoo doesn't really do much benefit to my dried hair ends but it's not making it worst either so I am sticking to it. I already have 2 new bottles in my  inventory.....just praying hard it will be here forever.

5 out of 5. Retailing at S$18.90 from John little, Watsons and Guardian.

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